Christ Church was established in the late sixties with a vision to care for the families who have moved to Likas area and the youths of All Saints’ and St. Agnes’ Schools. These schools were relocated to Likas from their old sites in Karamunsing in the early fifties after the World War II.

More and more parents were planning to settle down in and around Likas because of the discipline and quality of education offered by these schools. The Rt. Rev. Roland Koh – then 2nd Bishop of Sabah made plans to build a church next to St. Agnes School to serve the needs of the people in the area. The work of the Church Building began on 2nd July 1968 and the new Church was dedicated on 22nd June 1969 by Bishop Roland Koh. Christ Church existed before the Church building was ready. The first Holy Communion Service was conducted in All Saints’ School Chapel by Rev. Canon Chin Phu Yin (The late father of Rev Canon Simon Chin). In January 1969, the first Sunday School was formed by Mrs Chin Hoi Tshin using St. Agnes’ School classrooms.

A Youth Fellowship was formed on the same day by Miss Hoare. The newly constructed Church Building was then consecrated by Bishop Roland Koh with 12 clergy present. Rev Peter Dodd was invited to be the first Rector of the parish but had to leave the state by end of September 1969. Rev Martin Smith was then appointed as the second Rector of the Church. He stays on until 8th December 1970. During the absent of priest, Archdeacon Briggs and Rev Yong Ping Chung took turns in helping and taking care of Christ Church. Besides, Rev Kok Yu Kong, Rev Lee Syn Hon, and different visiting pastors from other town and overseas also ministered in our Church.

In 4th November 1978, Rev Gordon Boughton and his family arrived in Sabah. He was licensed as Priest-in-Charge of Christ Church and St. Andrew’s Church, Tuaran. Following that, an English Bible Study group was begun in November 1978. A Young Working Adults Fellowship and Women’s Fellowship was also formed in May & July 1979 respectively. In June 1980, a Bahasa Malaysia and a Hakka service (assisted by Mr. Vun Hon Long) were started on alternate Sunday evenings. The BM service however was discontinued while the Hakka Service was changed to 7.00am in the morning. Some Mandarin & Hakka Bible study groups were also formed in the early eighties.

Perhaps the most significant development during the eighties was the construction of the Christian Education Centre. Construction began in April 1986 and the completed building was dedicated on 22nd December 1986 by Bishop Chhoa. The Sunday School and the other small group fellowships have enjoyed the new facilities. It has also been used for Parish dinner, Drama & Music presentations, Diocesan conferences, Interchurch events and wedding receptions.

The renovation and extension of Christ Church Parish Hall cum Rectory and Office begins in 6th September 1991. The building name Christ Church Centre was completed in 23rd January 1992 and dedicated by Bishop Yong Ping Chung on 14th June 1992.

In 1993, God gave us a vision to establish a daughter church in Kolombong area by year 2000. To this, an outreach centre was established and fourteen outreach visiting teams were formed to visit the people in that area. After years of labor, “The Church of Our Redeemer” was established and dedicated to the Lord by Bishop Yong Ping Chung.

In 1997, Christ Church went through a major renovation under the leadership of Rev Daniel Vun. The existing wooden building was made into a concrete building. Though the works were carried out during the economy crisis, but God is faithful and able to provide to our needs. The renovation works completed in 1999 and the Church was rededicated to the Lord by Bishop Yong Ping Chung.

Another mark of history happens in 2007 when the church undergo the building of the long awaited front porch. Under Archdeacon John Yeo, the leaders move in faith to set up the project building fund and members from 3 congregations had given their full support for this project. The favor of the Lord was indeed upon His people and the front porch were completed near September 2007.

Christ Church started off with 60-70 people in the congregation, from that humble beginning Christ Church has grown into a sizeable Parish with nearly 600 people on its roll, making up a Chinese congregation of about 160, English congregation of 220 and a BM congregation of 200 each week.